Creative Policy

Prohibited Ads and Content:
  1. Misleading or deceptive ads, services or products, including but not limited to: ads that impersonate a system message, error warning, fake buttons, impersonate another app/software, missed message/call or chat window, state or imply that the user is at imminent risk of getting a virus, or that they already have one, violate copyright or trademarked content, make untrue statements.
  2. Spyware and illegal hacking.
  3. P2P file-sharing apps, torrent or any apps that facilitate or promote copyright infringement.
  4. Sexual content, pornographic, nudity (full, partial or implied).
  5. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
  6. Firearms.
  7. Violence, offensive or hateful speech and visuals.
  8. False representation of brands, trademarks or celebrities without expressed; endorsement of the advertiser's product.
  9. Contain, install, link to, or prompt the download of any malware.
  10. Initiate a download of any type of file without a landing page.
  11. Auto redirect the user to a landing page without requiring a click through or other interaction.
  12. Be unclear on what the offer is or banner does not match the landing page.
  13. Landing page does not work properly.
  14. Have excessive animations, flashing or shaking;
  15. Gambling (Permissible in the following countries only: UK, CA, ES, AU, DE, FR, IT, JP).
Creative Guidelines Penalties:

Without derogating from any other right of NIUTUX pursuant to the Agreement or the applicable law, Advertisers will have their accounts suspended or terminated if the following violations occur:

  1. Account suspensions.
  2. Repeated uploads of creative and/or landing pages that have previously been rejected by our compliance team. If a campaign, creative or landing page has been rejected, do not resubmit it.
  3. Immediate Account Termination.
  4. "Bait and swapping" landing pages: The landing page design that was originally used for campaign approval must never change.
  5. Malware / Spyware / Virus: The creative or landing page initiates directly or indirectly the installation of any malware, spyware, Trojan, or other virus to the user's device.
  6. Apply penalties or claim liquidated damages.